My adult swimming journey

Well, this is not something I ever thought I’d be writing about. If you’d asked me 18 months ago about my adult swimming journey you would’ve received a very short answer: I can’t swim.

My goals for 2019

Why is it that a new year always makes us hopeful that things will be different, better, this year? The older I get the more 1 January just feels like any other day, but there’s still something about the calendar ticking over another year that makes just a small part of me feel that maybe something new is coming.

Podcasts I’m loving right now

I’m going through a real podcasts phase at the moment. I find podcasts to be a really accessible format to digest content, and there are so many around on pretty much every topic. When a new episode of one of my favourites drops, putting in my headphones and hitting play really feels like sitting down for a chat with some old friends.

Oh, Canada, eh

I don’t know if you guys have heard of Canada, but it’s this country kinda near the USA but like a little bit more north. It’s famous for maple syrup, ice hockey and having a fox for a Prime Minister. His name is Justin Trudeau and he is just one of the reasons I am very excited to be travelling to Canada at the end of the year.