Philosophy Phriday: Spice Girls

The year is 1996. I’m in Grade 2 and my hobbies include ballet classes, reading The Saddle Club, and joining forces with my friends to perform Spice Girls routines for my classmates (I was Baby Spice, obviously). My arch nemesis is Rebecca Smith, because she has managed to collect every single one of the collectable Spice Girls photos (so not much has changed, really). Enter the greatest album the world has ever seen: Spice World.

Podcasts to make your commute suck less

Let’s be real: whether you’re sitting in a car crawling along the freeway, or squashed on a peak hour train between someone sniffling 15 times a minute and someone who thinks the whole world wants to listen to their crappy music, commutes suck. One scientifically-proven* way to make your commute suck just a little less is to listen to a podcast. And the good news is, there’s one for every interest!