All time best reality TV villains

They’ll all claim they were badly edited by unscrupulous producers, but reality TV villains are gifts from above providing hours of entertainment, limitless shareable gifs and more mock outraged Mamamia blogs than you can poke a stick at. Here we explore just three of Australia’s finest victims of creative editing and context-free soundbites.

Keira Maguire – The Bachelor 2016

You remember Keira. Just when we thought no one could top ‘dirty street pie’ Laurina (thank you reality TV gods), in struts Keira. Keira is possibly the only living person more in love with themselves than Kanye West. And who can blame her? From sitting at a cocktail party chanting ‘bed, bed, bed, bed’ to calling fellow contestants peasants, Keira brought us many memorable moments for which we are unworthy and will #neverforget



Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones – Married at First Sight 2017

No list of reality TV villains would be complete without the turd of a man that is Jonesy. This charming fellow had not one but two failed marriages on this year’s season, but don’t let that worry you, Jonesy really knows how to woo a woman. His many strengths include speaking to his partner like a child; talking smack about her at a boys night then flat out denying it (you have cameras on you at all times, mate, but nice try) and painting her as irrational when she brings it up; and throwing tantrums when she doesn’t speak nicely to him. The rumours that his first wife ran off on him after he abused a bouncer are just the cherry on the top of the sundae no one ordered that is Andrew Jones. But really he’s a great bloke because he plays mixed netball back in Perth and he’s just a great guy. Jonesy! What a legend.

jonesy married at first sight.jpg
But I never even said nothing, Miss!

Gina Liano – Real Housewives of Melbourne

“I’ll give you my opinion and you better be ready to hear it,” Gina declares in the opening titles of RHOM, and never was a truer word spoken. (Her other opening line of “I deal in facts, not friction” is not quite as accurate.) Melbourne’s favourite barrister slash author slash perfumier slash shoe designer is never afraid to speak her mind, and to be honest it’s usually my mind too. Let’s review just some of her greatest moments:






Long reign Queen Gina. And please please let Judge Gina happen. I’ll do anything.


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