Reality to watch in 2017: streaming edition

You’re up to date with Married at First Sight and Undressed is over halfway through its first season, so what are you to do with all your free time? Being a productive member of society is overrated so here’s my top picks of reality goodness available for streaming whenever, wherever (we’re meant to be together).

Sing it On


Someone at a party described this to me as “basically the reality version of Pitch Perfect” and I was out the door and on my couch before she finished her sentence. In this show “singing groups juggle academics, relationships and rehearsals as they vie for a spot at the International Championships of Collegiate A Cappella.” It’s a real thing guys! As if that weren’t enough, John Legend is Executive Producer.

The Hills


I know this is not a new offering, but you should know that Stan has all six seasons available for viewing right now. Don’t ever let me hear you say you’re bored again. And once you get through all 102 episodes you can always read all of Lauren Conrad’s books and stare at Whitney Port’s perfect hair for several hours. This is the little show that just keeps on giving.

Terrace House


As soon as you see the words ‘Japanese reality show’ you know you’re on to a winner. The premise of this show calls on the original, Big Brother style reality format. Six men and women, all strangers to each other, move into a house together and the cameras roll. Unlike Big Brother there are no weekly challenges or eliminations. The housemates discuss things like doing the dishes and cooking and it’s strangely fascinating.

Battle of the Ex-Besties


You apply for a new reality show. All you’re told is that you will need to complete a series of challenges for the chance to win 100,000 big ones. You get to set on your first day and find that your partner for the show is…your ex-best friend. Go.

Expect plenty of tears, screaming and video diaries: the perfect reality trifecta.

On a related note, if you haven’t yet discovered Hayu, please, I beg you for your sake and mine, get over there right now. We’re talking about a streaming service dedicated entirely to reality television. Their catalogue includes every episode of the Kardashians, Real Housewives from every corner of the globe, and Vanderpump Rules. Other promising titles include Bridalplasty, Friends to Lovers? and Player Gets Played.

And if you haven’t already checked my guide to the best reality on free-to-air this year, please rectify this immediately.

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