My favourite documentaries

I’ve been really getting in to documentaries lately. And not just so that I can say “I’ve been watching a lot of really great documentaries lately” when I go to dinner parties. Because I never go to dinner parties as I’m not a bajillion years old and there are so few people in the world with whom I will happily spend more than 10 or 20 minutes. The main reason I’ve been watching documentaries is that they are really interesting and informative and provide a fascinating insight into the world around me.

For those unfamiliar with the genre, a documentary is defined as “a film or television or radio program that provides a factual report on a particular subject.” That may sound a little dry, but don’t judge a cinematic style by its definition. While many documentaries are down right boring (anything about the olden days, nature, prominent figures from the past, war, old people talking about stuff that happened ages ago, or significant historical events), there are some real gems out there. Here is an edit of my favourite documentaries right now.

First Dates

This is a fascinating fly-on-the-wall style documentary set in a Sydney restaurant. Everyone in the restaurant is on a blind date, and discrete cameras capture every word, eyelash bat and inappropriate outfit. At the end of the meal each couple must decide if they will go on a second date.

Why it’s great: Whenever I go to a restaurant, observing couples who I suspect to be on a first date is one of my favourite activities and now I can do it without leaving the apartment.

You will like this if: You enjoy watching awkward interactions between strangers.

Highlights: Roxy, who describes herself as the ‘Bridget Jones of Australia’ and whose main topic of conversation is how single she is.

(In searching for this clip I discovered that there is a First Dates UK and one of their YouTube clips is titled ‘Couple Bond Over Love of Pugs’ so now I know what I’m doing all weekend.)

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

This documentary series, now into its 12th season (not counting several spin off shows), follows a wealthy white family living in California. There are too many siblings to keep track of, all who have names beginning with the letter K (edit: sorry Rob, keep forgetting about you), huge houses and famous partners.

Why it’s great: It made Kim Kardashian famous and now Kimojis are a thing I can use in my text messages.

You will like this if: You are a normal human being.

Highlights: Scott Disick calling Kris Jenner and pretending to be old family friend, Todd Kraines.

I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

Now this is a real gem. As the title suggests, this show tells the stories of women who, bafflingly, did not know they were pregnant until the were in labour. How? How can you not know? I have so many questions and none of them are answered. Basically every woman just says “well I did notice that I gained a few pounds but I just thought it was all the burgers I’d been eating.” There is a freaking huge difference between feeling a little bloated from last night’s crispy fried chicken burger and growing an actual human being inside of you. This is compelling viewing and should not be watched on days when you actually have things you need to do because it’s impossible to stop at just one episode. You’ve been warned.

Why it’s great: See above – don’t think I need to elaborate here.

You will like this if: You just will, trust me.

Highlights: The Oscar-worthy re-enactments

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