All the way with Matty J

With the finale of The Bachelorette set to air in under an hour, what better way to celebrate than by enjoying all of Matty J’s finest moments represented in gif form.

matty j 3.gif

matty j 4.gif

Matty J is, of course, the only man worth Georgia’s time for a multitude of reasons including but not limited his face, his hair, his cute one liners, the fact that he always calls her by her full name, the way he looks in a white tee and jeans, his English accent while they were playing croquet, his smooth as line about kissing a girl in front of a bunch of cameras, and his adorably awkward speeches in which he talks about how amazing I am, how he thinks about me all the time and he can’t imagine a future without me. At least I think he is talking about me because whenever he speaks it’s like the whole world fades away and he and I are the only ones in the room.


See? He’s completely falling in love with me!

Whenever he sees me

matty j 13.gif

And he’s

matty j 12.gif

matty j 7.gif

He’s so happy that…


Whenever he texts asking if I want to hang out, and I’m like “Soz babe, I’m washing my hair” – because sometimes you’ve gotta play it cool, know what I’m saying? – he’s like

matty j 9.gif

But when I say “For sure, let’s grab a burger” he’s all

matty j 8.gif

With Matty J I am

very impressed.gif

Honestly, if Georgia chooses that pants man, Lee, over this perfect specimen I will lose all faith in reality television and have no choice but to continue to watch it religiously and become far too emotionally invested. To be fair, the outcome will be similar if she does choose Matty J, but the real point is

matty j 2.gif

Do the right thing, Georgia. Don’t break my heart.

matty j 10.gif

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